Sunday, May 3, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

So, I should save the opening statement of every weekend wrap up about how it's been a busy weekend and I'm tired, right?  I can't imagine a weekend where I say that it's been exceptionally peaceful and relaxing, especially for the next couple months....when we go on vacation, move, and unpack.

Friday started off with a tasty dinner...

...and then a ton of yard sale work.  For the last several years, I've done a yard sale with some friends from work. We never feel like we have enough individually, but together there is always some money to be had.  I dug stuff out of every closet in my house. We had our largest yard sale yet.  How is it that we have even more stuff every year???

While I was taking care of things at the yard sale, Miles & Darrin were fixing a few things that came up during our home inspection. There weren't any major items, thank goodness.  Their work required them to crawl under the house.  Darrin said Miles worked right beside him and even crawled out and back in a few times to get things he needed.

Saturday afternoon, I finished a project that I've been working on since last weekend.  I bought these chairs on through our local Swap Shop for $20 each.  They are in good shape and I really liked the shape of them.

I decided to spray paint them ivory.  I sprayed on primer, then the first coat of ivory. I sanded them and started the second coat when I realized that I bought almond paint instead of ivory.  So, I went with the almond.  I was a little bummed b/c I was really liking the ivory.  The ivory is on the left and the almond is on the right.  It was a subtle difference until they were completely coated. 

I decided to put one on each side of the buffet in my dining room.  In the new house, we will only have a breakfast bar and a dining room, no eat in kitchen.  So, I think these chairs will come in handy when we need to seat eight at our table instead of just six.

This morning, we did a little turtle rescue on the way home from church...

We spent the afternoon shopping in Jackson for a few needed vacation items, which is in 3 weeks!!  We found out our friends, Rachel, Travis, and Bane were also in Jackson, so a dinner date at Five Guys was a must.  

I didn't let Miles hold Bane during his Fifths episodes which lasted a couple weeks. He was so happy to be able to hold him again.

We are all smitten with Bane.

And just for kicks, I'll close with this. Have you seen the website featured on Facebook that guesses your age?

That was a first.  Usually people think Darrin is that much older than me.  For the record, we are exactly a week apart, and he is older.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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