Thursday, April 30, 2015

Brown Hair, Don't Care

So....this happened yesterday...

I've done this a time or two in the past five years, but I'm pretty committed to it this time.  It's close to my natural color and I'm just tired of so much blonde.  It's really dark when I'm inside, which freaked me out a little, but it's growing on me.  There are still a few subtle highlights in there too.

My hair is in really bad shape these days from either low iron, an out of whack thyroid, or just too much bleaching and flat ironing.  So, I'm giving it a break and hoping it becomes healthier.  I've never had brown hair in the summer.  That will be a fun change.

Miles and I had an intense game of Sorry tonight.  When I won he said it wasn't fair. We have some work to do...

I've been steadily getting stuff ready for a yard sale.  I'm also taking the opportunity to pack a few things for the move as I'm going through it.  Miles had accumulated an unhealthy amount of belongings and it was time for some purging.  My goal was to reduce his closet by 50%.  I always involve him in the process and allow him to make the final decision, so he'll learn how to make choices like this.  I think our purge was a huge success.  I wish I had a before picture.

We've been spoiled in this house with space.  Miles has a large bedroom, a massive closet, and half of the sun room is devoted to his stuff.  We don't have that in the new house so we are going to have to stay organized and try not to let things pile up.  I'm off to tuck a sweet little boy into his bed and work on purging my closet next.

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