Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Random Thoughts on Tuesday

I tend to get in food ruts. Not a bad rut, just the kind where I eat the same thing over and over b/c it's so good. Right now, I'm loving wraps for lunch.  I include turkey, ham, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and a little honey mustard dressing. At first the gluten free wraps tasted a little like cardboard, but I've grown to love them. I'm in the middle of the same love/hate with hummus right now, but it's growing on me too.

Tonight, we helped celebrate Ansley's birthday. She wanted a surprise party, so her sweet momma planned one at Los Portales.  She's having a little "sparty" with her girlfriends, so we decided to tag along at the family party tonight since Miles isn't into spa parties.  She was truly surprised.

To Miles' delight, she seemed very happy with the Barbie Vet that we got her.  I had to text some friends that have girls to get some ideas.  One of the ideas was a Barbie and that seemed like a fun gift to buy.

Miles showed up on the VUE Magazine site today.  It was a pic from Saturday.  I think it's adorable. He looks so serious about feeding the sheep.

We sold two major pieces of furniture tonight.  A couch and our kitchen table & chairs.  We had four couches.  Since we are going from a living room, TV room, and a sun room down to just a living room, some couches had to go.  Parting with our kitchen table was a little sad. We have spent so much time around it as a family and playing games with friends.  Like the living situation, we are going from a living room and an eat in kitchen to a bar with bar stools and an eat in kitchen. Something had to go.  I think the new owner loved it as much as we did, so that made us feel good.  She probably thought we were crazy b/c we were acting a little attached to the table. 

We moved a table from the sun room to fill the spot and give us somewhere to eat.  Another set that doesn't have a spot in the new house but I'm not ready to part with it yet.  I'm going to move it and hope for the best.  Let the transition of furniture and boxes begin.

Now, I'm off to watch my favorite night of TV.  I will be watching in this order as much as I can get through before falling asleep...Married at First Sight, Younger, Flip or Flop, 19 Kids & Counting, and House Hunters.  I have a feeling I will only make it through the first show.  Good night!

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