Sunday, April 19, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

We had a very full weekend.  Friday, Miles went to work with Darrin.  I was running in a 5k that night and Darrin wouldn't be home in time to watch Miles, so he just took him to work for the day.  We've discussed this before, but it's worth another mention.  If I EVER took Miles to work with me all day, I would accomplish absolutely nothing.  He would need food, drinks, entertainment, bathroom breaks, and my attention 95% of the day. Somehow he seems to do just fine with Darrin.  One reason is the volleyball girls.  He's just getting to know this group, but they have welcomed him in a big way.

They took him to the cafe for lunch without Darrin. He was a little nervous to go, but we both thought it would be good for him and we knew he would have fun. 

They hooked him up with pizza...

...a cookie...

...and a cupcake.  This is just before he dropped it on himself and the floor.  The girls must have dealt with it perfectly b/c he seemed unscathed by the experience.  A mistake like this has the potential to really embarrass him.  I asked him directly if it did and he said no.

They also entertained him all day long. Hopefully no classes were skipped to make this possible :)  These girls have made quite an impression on all three of us.

I received a special delivery at work from a friend. As we are getting closer to finalizing some decisions regarding our move, reality is setting in.  I'm completely confident in the direction we are going, but that doesn't mean it's easy.  I have super thoughtful friends, and one let me know she was thinking of me.

I put the flowers in a vase when I got home. I just think they are so pretty.

So...I ran in my second ever 5k on Friday night. You can read about the first here.  Like the first one, this was also a Glo Run.  I'm in decent shape, but I am not a runner. Not even a little bit.  I'm only in it for some time with my friends and the t-shirt.

I did slightly better than my first 5k, finishing in just under 35 minutes this time.  I learned last time not to wear any crazy glow accessories like necklaces or bracelets.  They drove me crazy last time, hitting me in the face with every step.

Christa and I hung out for a little while after the race before heading home. We wanted to see who placed, and make sure our kids were fast asleep before we got home.  We wouldn't want to interrupt bed time or anything....wink, wink.

Running is just hard and painful for me, very much a struggle.  I've been sore all weekend from it. It was a fun night spent with friends, but I won't soon forget that I'm not a runner. 

I recalled a major reason that I don't run outside.  It gives me a serious headache.  Running on a treadmill doesn't have that effect, but running outside does it every time. My head was pounding so hard towards the end of the race that I had to stop a few times just for that reason. I thought it was going to explode.  I know caffeine can be a headache trigger for some people, but it definitely helps me. 

Saturday morning, we went to look at a few more houses in Medina.   To be exact, we looked at 6 houses, 2 lots, and went back to 1 house a second time.  It was our longest day of house hunting yet.  We might be getting some where though.  We found a house that we really like, but there are a few contingencies in play.  Of all the houses we've looked at, this is the only one that I am actually excited about. The others are simply nice houses, but really don't do anything for me.  We'll just have to see.

After a long day of house hunting, Miles was hangry. 

We stopped for lunch on the way home.  When we go out to eat as a family, Miles sits on Darrin's side of the table 9 out of 10 times.  

The rest of our Saturday was spent doing laundry, mowing the yard, cleaning out the detached garage, and washing Darrin's car. It was quite a productive day.

This morning, we went to church and then came home to hang out at home for the rest of the day.  It rained a lot last night and this morning, but Miles still wanted to play outside.  So, I dressed him in last year's clothes and sent him on his way.

Unfortunately none of his friends were home today.  He stayed inside and whined and cried about everything. It became clear that he was exhausted.  He was distraught when I made him take a nap, but fell asleep quickly and slept for almost three hours.  He doesn't take regular naps anymore, but every now and then that's just what he needs.

It was a busy weekend, but very productive. I'm ready for the week ahead, which doesn't look to be too exhausting. Hoping this week brings us some answers on our house and the one we would love to buy. Have a great week everyone!

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