Thursday, April 23, 2015

Quiet Mouse Still Mouse is Serious & Some Exciting News

Miles' teacher sent me this picture of Miles and his friend, Alli.  Just for context, Alli's dad is the head women's basketball coach at UTM.

And here's the explanation that came with the picture...

I love how their true colors were shining through an intense game of Quiet Mouse Still Mouse.  

Darrin had a scrimmage yesterday. His team did quite well.  His parents traveled all the way to Alabama to watch them play.  I happened to call them while they were there. When they told me they were in Florence, Alabama, I asked if they were there to watch the softball team (which they also watch often).  Clearly, I don't win the supportive wife award since I didn't even know what town my husband was playing in.  That's just the life of a coach's wife.  It happens.

This is Miles and his buddy, Colt.  One of Miles new favorite things is to sing on stage, with the microphone, during AWANA. My shy, reserved child likes to sing on stage. Definitely Darrin's influence, b/c I.Would.Never.

I sat Indian style at work for most of the afternoon b/c it sounded like there was a mouse under mouse desk. With the help of my friend, Melanie, we pulled everything out from under my desk and didn't find anything.

After further investigation, it appears there was probably a mouse or bird in my walls & ceiling. It was so loud by the end of the day, it sounded like a raccoon in the ceiling. I got over being freaked out about it and became annoyed by it's racket.  Really hoping it's gone tomorrow.  

In other news....we bought a house! This is Miles and the little girl that lives there now. We actually know the homeowners. Much more on that another day. Just wanted to share the good news.

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