Sunday, April 26, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

We stayed around the house this weekend for the most part.  My mom came up for a visit.  Miles was happy to get a Marmee fix.

Saturday morning, she and I went to a few stores in Martin & Union City.  We just leisurely looked at stuff for the house and any good bargains that we could find. I ended up with a single candle to show for our shopping trip.  Well, and lots of good ideas for the house.  Miles wasn't quite ready for her to leave on Saturday afternoon...

We enjoyed the surprisingly beautiful weather on Saturday and hung out with some friends on our deck for a few hours....probably our favorite way to spend a Saturday night. After church this morning, Miles' friend, Kohen, came over to play. 

Miles wasn't the greatest host, but I think they both had fun.  Teaching him how to act around friends, especially when they are his guest, is a definite work in progress. Their buddy, Colt, stopped by for a little while too.

Just not much to report this weekend.  Thoughts & plans are swirling in my head regarding moving and the new house.  Not too mention that we have a week long trip to Mexico in the middle of it.  It's all good stuff and I'm reminding myself to enjoy the process b/c that's part of the fun.  I'm glad our trip was already booked and paid for so we have to go.  I'm also glad that it's before the move b/c once we get in the house I won't want to leave for a while, even to go to the beach.  The timing is ideal someone remind me of that for the next six weeks.

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