Friday, April 10, 2015

Rodeo Day & a Few Other Thoughts

I read a blog post yesterday that I found on Pinterest called the "Fall Apart Child". I immediately sent it to Darrin b/c the post made a few good points that are very relevant for our very own Fall Apart Child.  An example of why he fits the description....

He has worn the same Woody cowboy hat for the last 3-4 years for Rodeo dress up day at school, but we recently got rid of it b/c it was in bad shape. He immediately started panicking b/c he didn't think he was going to have anything to wear today.  We've been working with him a lot lately learning to control his emotions, trying to reassure him that if he will just stay calm and tell us the problem, most of the time we will work with him to find a solution.  I posted on FB that we needed to borrow a cowboy hat and within 5 minutes, a college friend who lives one street over came through for me.  She even dropped it off at my house and threw in a bandanna in case we needed.  Gosh, I am going to miss living here. It's just the greatest. 

I think he looked like the cutest little cowboy I've ever seen.  The hat was adorable.

When Darrin is out of town, I have to drop him off at daycare very early.  It's like the calm before the storm.

Darrin has been burning up the road during the last 36 hours.  He's home now, just long enough to sleep for a few hours, and then he leaves bright and early for a spring tournament with his team in Jackson, MS.  Since he and Miles went to bed early, and I've had a Mt. Dew, I thought we'd cover a few random topics.

Miles has quite an imagination. He makes stuff up all the time at daycare. He always starts with something true and then it quickly evolves into a made up story.  It's pretty funny b/c if you didn't know his M.O. you would totally fall for whatever he's saying.  Now that he's getting a little older, should this be concerning???  Hence below from Miles teacher (autocorrect..."become" ipo "because")... 

I am going to be lost when Miles starts school and I can't text his teacher any time I want.  His teacher now is amazing and I love that she communicates during the day via text.  I can check on him any time.  She's the lead teacher with lots of assistants, so she has time to deal with the parents. It's so nice.

In honor of National Sibling Day, these four are pretty amazing...

I also have a much younger sister, but we haven't been in touch since my dad and her mom divorced years ago.  We became FB friends last year, so it is nice to see pics of her every now and then. Maybe we will get back in touch one day.  No matter how much I do or don't talk to my siblings from day to day, I love them all very much.

We are showing the house twice tomorrow, and one is looking for a second time.  I'm excited, but still trying to be patient and wait on the Lord's timing.  I came across this verse during my quiet time yesterday.  It's now on the chalkboard in our kitchen.  What a great reminder of the Lord's goodness. 

While everyone is fast asleep in our house, I think I'll enjoy some rare alone time kicked back in Darrin's recliner.  Shhhh, don't tell him I took over his man chair. 

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