Thursday, March 5, 2015

Winter Storm Thor

So...this is how Winter Storm Thor started yesterday as we were getting home from work around 4:30pm...

And, this is what it looked like when I went to bed at 10pm...

We woke up to around 8 inches of powdery snow. Miles has never seen snow like this. I can't remember a time we had such a pretty snow. Unfortunately it's March and we're just coming off of two weeks of snow and ice on the ground.  We are slightly over winter.  So even though it was very pretty, it was definitely under appreciated.

Miles had a great time playing in it.

He stayed outside for a long time just wandering around in it and pushing it off the deck rails.

They bladed our road which mounded it up at the end of our driveway. This created a problem a few weeks ago when it melted and then refroze.  So, Darrin and Miles shoveled it out of the way this time.


When they were finished, Miles played outside until he was just too cold.  He came in and undressed....just as the neighbors were coming out to play. 

He suited back up and went out for round two.  They had such a fun time playing outside.  They fueled up on hot chocolate at Cambry's house....

...and then came to our house for a snack.  They wanted to eat it outside, so I threw it all in a bowl.  This happens a lot at snack time at our house.  

I still had to do some work today, so I made a little nest in our TV room all day.  I've spent worse days couped up at home.  No doubt.

This happened late in the day...

So even though it's almost 9pm and I do have to work tomorrow....I'm wondering what I should get into. It's looking like a TV watching, finger nail painting, Internet surfing, 'Pinning' kind of night! 

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