Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Photo Dump & Quotes from Miles

Like father, like son.  Coffee for dad and hot chocolate for Miles....

Miles asked me to take a few action shots of his volleyball moves last night.  Pass...


Kill...what a game face.

Darrin wasn't the only one that did a little shopping this past weekend. I've been eyeing a Michael Kors watch for some time now.  I like to call this my "being a coach's wife is not always fun" present.

We are all set for Snowpocalypse 2015, Take 2.  Please no.  It's March and I've had enough. In two years, we've never bought firewood. We've gotten wood from friends, family, and neighbors and Darrin cut it.  Unfortunately we ran out last weekend and it's been too snowy & icy to get anymore.  With our impending snow doom coming tomorrow, we had to pay for firewood today.  We might be a little spoiled now b/c after one quick phone call, we had someone deliver all this wood and unload it, just a few hours later.  It doesn't get any easier than that.

Now for a few of Miles' recent quotes.  Yesterday when I picked Miles up from daycare, he fell over in the back seat of my car and said, "Well, that was inappropriate."

Tonight we were telling Miles that we were going on vacation with his cousins, Olivia & Ava, this summer. We explained that we will be flying on a plane. He immediately got nervous and said, "But you know I'm scared of planes."  After we showed him a few pictures of the pool at the resort, he said, "I can face my fears."

At school today, the "children" as Miles calls them, took a walk outside. He was telling me about one of his friends falling & how he helped her up.  He said, "I held her arm and picked her up. She was heavy but I got through it."

That kid totally cracks us up.  I've been up late for the last two nights.  I think I'll take advantage of not having anything else to do tonight and go crawl in bed early.  I'm thinking it's a Fixer Upper or House Hunters kind of night.  Good night, all!

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