Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pinterest Quotes

I don't know what I did before Pinterest and ecards.  Ecards make my day.  I like the recipes and home stuff on Pinterest, but the quotes are where it's at. 

Miles is spending the night with Darrin's parents tonight. I feel like I have a night off from being an adult.

This just makes sense to me.  Words to live by.

I used to be a big time worrier.  Being married to Darrin and having such a steady home life has helped me not worry as much especially about things that haven't happened yet.

While I do worry less, stressing is a different story.  My 'to do' list and a busy life keep my stress level high.  This describes me perfectly when my stress level maxes out.

One perk to moving is that I will live near a Target.

Can I get an amen???

Hope your Thursday has been great. It's time for me to enjoy my night off from 'adult'!

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