Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Less Words Wednesday

Miles had an Easter Egg Hunt at school today b/c next week is spring break in our county and a lot of the kids won't be there.  I didn't attend the party, but his teacher sent this to me.

It was perfect timing b/c I was missing him today while I was at work. I had to laugh when I got the pic. I asked him this morning if he wanted to wear shorts or jeans. I thought it might be a little cool since they were hunting eggs in the morning. He picked jeans.  Turns out, it wasn't the slightest bit cold at any point during the day as noted by the little girl in the picture.  Nevertheless, Miles has on jeans, a long sleeve shirt, and his winter jacket zipped all the way to his chin. I commented on it to his teacher and she replied "yes, he had to have that jacket on lol....hahahaha that's Miles!!"

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