Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

This is actually the end to my weekend b/c I had the day off unplanned.  We'll get to that in a minute.  Saturday morning, Darrin and Miles moved the firewood from our garage to outside.  We store it in the garage during the winter so it's easy to access.  Now that spring is here, it was time to get the mess out of the garage. 

Being silly, acting like the log is heavy...

My mom came to visit for the weekend.  She and Miles worked on a coin collection together among other fun things.

We decided to take advantage of my mom being here and go on a date.  The plan was to eat dinner and go to Painting with a Twist in Jackson.  I have wanted to do that forever, and it happened to be couples night.

Unfortunately, my mom called during dinner to say that Miles was sick. She had text earlier in the afternoon with concerns about some stomach issues, but we weren't sure.  Projectile vomit confirmed it a couple hours later. My poor mom...not only was it the first time he's ever thrown up, but apparently it was really bad and she was the one stuck with cleaning it up.  He was asleep when we got home. He had a fever and was super grumpy when we moved him. He does not like to be touched when he's sick.  No rubbing or loving when he's down for the count with a stomach virus.

My mom definitely got the worst of it.  I dealt with him once during the night and he slept well the rest of the night.  I stayed home with him Sunday and Monday, while Darrin went to church and work.  He's been fine since a brief episode Sunday morning.  No fever since Saturday, so he's ready to go back to school tomorrow.  This makes the 5th or 6th episode of fever and other issues since mid January.  We actually went to Dr. Bates last week b/c I haven't been comfortable with how he's been feeling lately.  I'll write more about that this week.  Right now, it's getting late and I haven't stopped all day.  Time for some down time before bed.  Good night, all!

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