Tuesday, March 10, 2015

More of Miles' Quotes & Quality Control

Miles is still on a roll with his one liners.  Yesterday he had some pjs on from last winter so they were a little snug, as you can imagine.  As he was taking them off, he said, "These pjs are exceptionally hard to get off."  He also used the word "officially" in perfect context over the weekend, but I can't remember b/c I didn't write it down.  That's what happens.

We haven't "officially" told Miles that we are moving, but we have talked about it in front of him. I figured that he was taking it all in, and I was right.  When I picked him up from school yesterday, his teacher said that he was telling all the kids at his lunch table that he was moving to Jackson. She said that when they started telling him not to move & that he couldn't leave, he shrugged his shoulders and said, "Well, you have to do what you have to do."  He then proceeded to tell them that his mom said we have to go, so we have to go.

Since the subject of moving came up, I decided to talk to him about it on the way home. Let me tell you, he's not a fan. I kind of broke my heart. I know he will be fine, but it's hard to hear him say that he loves Martin....doesn't want to leave.....likes his friends...and doesn't need new ones.  I hear ya, Miles.  Preach on.

Grocery shopping day is a big pain around here for everyone. Lots of shopping, unloading, cleaning out, food prep, etc. No one enjoys Walmart day.  Miles has a few tasks associated with grocery day, such as putting the toilet paper away, pulling the grapes off and putting them in a bowl to be washed, and the latest, putting the eggs in the egg container.  He takes this new job VERY seriously. So much so that I question every time why we continue to give him this job. What should be a 1-2 minute task literally takes him ten minutes.  He inspects every egg for "cracks and discoloration" his terms as taught by Darrin.

When his little personality shines through in moments like this, we often like to imagine what he'll be when he grows up.  Like when he was completely obsessed with spiders, we said he was going to be in pest control.  The way he recalls Bible stories makes me say he's going to be a preacher.  The attention to detail with the the egg assignment definitely lends itself to quality control or food inspection. Nothing is getting past this kid.

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