Saturday, March 14, 2015

Small World

So....last Tuesday at work it was decided that I needed to go to a meeting in Knoxville on Thursday, which meant leaving on Wednesday and returning on Friday, since it's a six hour drive.  Normally the last minute plan would make me panic a little, but surprisingly I didn't, and Darrin and I managed to put together an action plan that covered Miles. If I'm being honest, this little trip meant that Darrin would have to take Miles to get his last three immunizations instead of me, and that's not a bad reason to drive 12 hours round trip and be gone for two nights in my opinion.

I've been dealing with a cold that escalated during my trip. I used my share of cough drops, Kleenex, cough medicine, and nose spray.  I really didn't feel that bad...I just sounded rough and didn't have much of a voice. It would come and go, which was annoying. 

The first night I was there, my boss and I made a late night run to Kroger to get a few things. I made a beeline for the pharmacy to see what I could get my hands on. I had to get the cold medicine from the pharmacist.  When I walked up, the pharmacist was my AOII Big Sister, Jennifer, whom I haven't spoken with in years.  She moved away and she's not on Facebook, so I had lost touch with her. I had no idea she lived in Knoxville.  It was amazing to see her. She still looks the exact same.

I could have talked to her forever, but it was late and my boss was waiting in the car. I can't even describe what a fun surprise it was. What are the chances that I'm six hours from home, with a cold, and I pick the one pharmacy where she is working, at 9:30 at night??  It felt like a once in a lifetime moment to have something like that happen.  Alpha Love forever, right sisters?!?

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