Monday, February 16, 2015

Snow Day

I already had off today for Presidents Day.  Several inches of snow & ice closed UTM, so Darrin was off & Miles' daycare was closed.  He goes to the University daycare & they operate on the school's schedule.  It was a very lazy day at home. Miles seemed to feel better, with no fever today, but I thought it was best to keep him inside.  He never really asked to play outside, so that worked well.  It came down pretty hard all day, a mix of ice & snow.  This is the view out our front door.

Darrin was not joking around with the fire today. We've kept it going all day long.

We played Monopoly on the xbox, which is a snow day favorite.

After lounging all morning, I had all I could stand.  Seeing that the classes at my gym were cancelled today, I decided to work out at home.  I've been going to the same cardio intervals class since last March.  I have the stations memorized.  I improvised with the equipment I had and only had to completely skip a few b/c I don't have ropes or a medicine ball.  Miles was my little time keeper & DJ.  Clearly, he wasn't interested in sweating with me...

He did enjoy taking blurry pictures of my work out.

I'm not a 'work out at home' kind of person. I am much more motivated to work hard with people at a gym. After going to the class for almost a year, I know a lot of people in the class. Working out with people makes me much more accountable.  With that said, I did enjoy my little work out at home today.

After three days at home, this girl is ready to go to work tomorrow.  It got a little rocky around here today.  At one point, Miles was sent to his room screaming & stomping the entire way.  I told Darrin that is precisely what I would do if I could get away with it.  I will always crave routine....

Darrin & Miles are both 'off' tomorrow.  My office is open from 10-4pm.  I think the plan is for Darrin & Miles to take me to work and then go to Darrin's office for a little while.  I'm hoping Miles is fully recovered now from his virus, and that our semi work days tomorrow will be a good outing for us all. 

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