Friday, September 5, 2014

To Post or Not to Post

That is the question.  I've posted from time to time about Miles' behavior. It's interesting to go back and read some phases we've been through...and that's why I post this stuff...for our memories.  Now that he's getting older, it takes a little more discernment on my part to decide what dirty laundry should and should not be aired. With that said...

This is my life...

Kids are humbling.  Miles makes me feel like I have no idea what I'm doing most days. He totally destroys the planner in me.  There is no plan.  Time out, spanking, reward system, positive reinforcement, reward charts, going to his room, taking away toys/privileges/TV...who the heck knows what works.   Miles is impulsive, emotional, literal, and completely unpredictable.  At the same time, he's tenderhearted, thoughtful, giving, and funny.  He's not mean spirited or malicious, which is his saving grace.  Three times while I've been writing this post, he's called to me from the other room to say, "Momma?"..."Yes, Miles"..."I love you"..."I love you too, Miles".

He got in trouble twice at school this week for things that left me shaking my head and literally made my jaw drop open.  I know that everyone thinks their child is the exception to every rule, but his teacher confirmed yesterday that he really is a very unpredictable kid. If I tell him not to do A, he won't do A, but he'll do B.  Then, I tell him not to do B, and he will do C...and so on.  He's the ultimate tester.  He lacks forethought, but is instantly regretful in most situations. 

I stress about guiding him in the best ways possible.  I think I've come to the realization that I can't look too far in the future with him. We just have to make the best decisions we can for each phase, and pray that God will use his strong personality one day to do great things for Him.  

In the meantime...

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