Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Taking Matters in His Own Hands

At Miles' school, when you learn to tie your shoes, you are presented a big shoe poster.  Apparently, Miles has become excited about the shoe poster.  Yesterday, he told me that he almost tied his shoes at nap time, but they came untied.  Then, he said he was going to make a poster and went to the sunroom.

With my help, at his direction, here is the finished product...

"I ALMOST HED MY SHOES   MILES"...b/c the "ti" in "tied" looked like an "h".  He insisted on taking his poster to school today to show his teachers.  Darrin actually had to turn around half way to school b/c Miles realized he had forgotten it.  Darrin said it was clear that it was important to him. It may be a while before he learns to tie his shoes b/c he seems quite content with the poster he made :)

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