Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Photo Dump & Insomnia

I'm running on very little sleep here.  For whatever reason, I was up for at least half of the night.  Call it what you will...insomnia or maybe just a snoring husband. I finally moved to the guest bedroom at 3am hoping to salvage a couple hours of sleep.  My mind was racing and when I did sleep, I had the strangest dreams.  They've been coming back to me all day long.  I was up solid from 3-5am.  Usually when I can't sleep, I just lay there hoping to eventually fall back asleep.  I was so awake at 3am that I debated getting up and actually accomplishing something.

Here's my list of what I debated doing at 3am:

1)  Getting the curtains ready to hang in my sunroom.  I need Darrin to hang them, but I thought if I were to get the curtain rods out of the boxes and put the curtains on the rods, that it wouldn't take as long once he has a free minute to help me.

2)  Going to the gym.  Laughable.  I am not an early morning work out kind of person.

3)  Doing a little food prep.  I went to the grocery store yesterday, but I didn't have time to wash all the fruits & veggies or cut & separate my meat like I usually do.  This was the worst of all the possibilities and it was quickly dismissed.  I don't mind grocery shopping, but I am not a fan of doing all the food prep.  I do it to make my life easier during the week & to ensure that we eat healthy as often as possible, but I loathe every minute of it. 

4)  Watching Monday's episode of Bachelor Pad. This was a promising idea, but it wasn't enticing enough.

5)  Blogging. I thought about it since I haven't blogged in a couple days, but then decided against it.  Here's what I would have blogged about if I had actually gotten up.  Just a random assortment of pics from my phone...

Miles & Cambry taking a break from playing to eat some grapes...

Granny gave Miles a lantern for his tree house. We actually misplaced it for several days after he brought it home. We were going crazy trying to find it.  It was finally discovered at the neighbor's house.  Apparently Miles had taken it over there to show them and then left it there.

Marmee sent Miles a package in the mail.  He loves getting mail...

I celebrated 13 years at my job.  My boss had these delivered.  So thoughtful...

I was eating an apple at work the other day only to discover that Miles had stabbed it with a fork a couple times.  There was also a huge bruise where he dropped it.  I finally gave up after trying to dodge all the holes & bruises.

Miles has a new neighbor friend named Chloe.  They are super cute together.  Every day after school, Miles ask me to "text Ms. Beth to see if Chloe can come play".  I'm trying to break him of relentlessly knocking on people's doors without an invitation. 

Miles wrote this at school yesterday..."Best isy Neele".  When I asked him what it said, he replied, "Neeley is best".  She is a friend from school.  Her mom and I were sorority sisters, so naturally we think it's adorable.

A glow stick in the bathtub never gets old...

I noticed Miles was wearing his pen on his shirt the other day. I asked him who did that & he said that Pa did. 

So, now we are caught up on my sleepless night & all the pics from my phone.  Here's hoping for a better night sleep tonight.  If it doesn't happen, I'm definitely getting up and doing something!

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