Thursday, August 14, 2014

5 Year Check Up

Miles had his 5 year check up with Dr. Bates last week.  We didn't tell him in advance b/c he would have worried himself sick about it.  I scheduled it a couple weeks early so that Darrin could go with us before he started preseason.  I could barely hold him down for the shots at his 4 year check up, so I didn't stand a chance this year without some reinforcement. 

Dr. Bates has a new office, complete with a play area.  It's all fun and games in the waiting room...

I'm thankful for several consistencies in Miles' life thus far...Dr. Bates, our daycare, our church, to name a few.  Our favorite nurse, Donya, has been with us from the beginning.

Miles weighed 42.5 lbs (64th percentile) and was 44" tall (75th percentile).  They start measuring BMI at age 5.  Miles' BMI was 15.5 (51st percentile).  Dr. Bates said you couldn't get any more average than that, which is good.

He did great for the exam...

...and then we broke the news about the shots. It did not go over  No kids like shots. I get that. Miles is on a playing field all to himself. It was traumatic.  Don't ask why, but I tend to laugh when he cries that hard. I guess it's nervous energy.  I had to look away while I was holding him down with Darrin & Donya.  It took all three of us for 2 shots. 

He had pizza, a root beer float, and a trip to the library afterwards to help him recover. Thank you, Lord, for a healthy boy. Glad that's over!

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