Monday, July 7, 2014

Venture River

We went to Venture River yesterday with some friends.  This is is the same group that we went on vacation with last year & had a blast.  We went from 3-6pm b/c it was half price & it was perfect.  Carrie was genius to come up with that idea.  There was hardly anyone there, which meant no waiting in lines.  Three hours was all we really needed.  I definitely think we will do this again.

We ate at Cracker Barrel on the way home.  Miles told Ansley at dinner, "Maybe I'll marry you" and nudged her on the arm. It was adorable & then he got really embarrassed when he realized everyone heard him.

I didn't bring a change of clothes, so I had wet bathing suit marks through my shirt & shorts.  I felt extremely redneck.

Miles really loves babies.  He was so happy to hold Anna Claire...


This group is always fun.  Darrin & Travis played DJ & sang to us the whole way home.  Good day with great friends.

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