Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July

We had plans to spend the day with friends at a water park, but decided against it since the high was only supposed to be in the 70s.  We may try to go Sunday afternoon if the weather warms up at all.  We spent our day walking around Lowes & looking on Pinterest for a project that we could tackle this weekend.  We didn't have any luck, but we have a promising new idea for tomorrow.  We went swimming at a friend's pool while she is on vacation and then came home for family nap time, which we all took very seriously.  I think everyone was asleep for almost two hours.  That never happens in our house anymore.  I knew Miles really needed a nap since we were staying up to watch fireworks.  I also knew that he wouldn't go to sleep unless I laid down with him.  Just trying to do my part.

After our naps, we got ready & went to dinner at Los Portales in Union City before heading to Discovery Park for the fireworks.  On a side note, why do my eyes look so little??  Darrin offered to take another one, but as I told him, pictures don't lie.  Sarah, I need your eye make help A-SAP.

Miles is getting so big.  We are loving this age.

We had to park a L-O-N-G way from Discovery Park. Miles handled the walk like a champ. 

We finally made it with over an hour to spare.  That's a long time for a little boy to wait.  We bought this from a vendor to help pass the time.  She had several different things including light up wands, necklaces, and swords.  He had his heart set on this.

We met our friends, Ricky & Mitsie there...

Finally the fireworks started.  They really weren't loud at all, but Miles is super sensitive.  Last year, the fireworks were right over us & very loud, so I think he just anticipated these to be also.

The fireworks were pretty...what we could see anyway.  They shot them off behind the main building and our side, which is where most of the people sat, couldn't see at least half of them.  The building was too tall.  We missed the entire grand finale.  


Miles just wasn't feeling the night.  You never know about kids.  He was cold, tired, hungry, the fireworks were too loud, and he really wanted a light up sword.  This pretty much sums up the night for him...

The blue ice cream on the way home was the highlight for him...

Despite the long walk & missing a lot of the fireworks, it was still a fun night.  The weather was beautiful & we got to hang out with Ricky & Mitsie, which doesn't happen often.  Happy 4th everyone!

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