Thursday, July 3, 2014

Family Golf Date

When Darrin & I were dating, we both worked night shift.  The problem was that we worked the opposite night shift.  When one of us was off, the other had to work.  So, that meant we had to have day dates.  We golfed all summer long.  Many days we played 36 holes.  I haven't played much since those days b/c once you get married, you become instantly broke, right? 

Since we belong to the country club this summer, it allows Miles & me the opportunity to just play around.  We kicked our holiday weekend off with a family golf date after I got off work.  We didn't get to the course until around 5, so we only played 9 holes. 

We are having a rare cold spell in July & it felt amazing today.  It was actually chilly towards the end.  I think Darrin was in heaven having our family together on the golf course.  As soon as we got in the car, Miles said, "That was fun."  I see more golfing in our future.

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