Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Calendar Contest

I took Miles yesterday to have his picture taken for the Tutus & Ties Calendar contest at Christie's Photography

I'm not really into the contest part of it, although I think it would be great if he was in the calendar.  I just wanted the 5x7 that you get.  We participated in a photo contest at Christie's Photography years ago and the picture she took is one of my all time favorites.

I was going for a casual look not realizing they had to wear a tie, hence the Tutus & Ties theme.  Obviously I should have picked up on that.  She had some men's ties to spare, so we threw it on over his outfit.  Hopefully it will turn out cute.  He wanted no part of putting the tie on, but she promised a pack of Smarties and then he was all in. 

He was extremely cooperative and almost seemed to enjoy having his picture taken.  She ended up giving him 3 packs of Smarties b/c he was so good.  On a side note, he's such a giving child.  He ate one pack of Smarties and said he was going to give the other two to his neighbor friends, Sammy & Savannah.  Since they weren't home, he gave one to Darrin and one to me.  He most definitely gets that quality from Darrin.  I'll post when the contest begins and maybe you can help Miles become Mr. August or something :)

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