Sunday, February 2, 2014

Superbowl Sunday

I went to Nashville this weekend for a little girl time with three friends from college.  What a great time.  I'll write about it this week, but now, we must discuss the dreaded Super Bowl.  I got a  Facebook message early this morning about how Super Bowl Sunday is like Christmas morning for adults. So true, especially in our house.  We have been waiting for today.  Darrin & Miles have been picking on me saying that they were going to decorate the house in Seahawks posters since I am the only one cheering for the Broncos. 

What a good daddy to do this.  Miles loved it and has already asked if we can make more posters tomorrow after school.

So...on the way home from Nashville, I was literally planning our whole night.  Wondering how we were going to keep Miles entertained, and how we were going to get him to sleep without the 30 minute bedtime routine, and how we could get everything done with as little interruption as possible.  I didn't want to miss a single minute of the game, b/c surely it was going to be an unbelievable game.

On our mantle...

We fixed wings, homemade fries, and hot fudge brownies.  We thought the Super Bowl was definitely reason enough to have a cheat day.  Never mind the fact that I ate & drank junk all weekend...

And now....the game is still going on....I'm blogging....and Darrin & Miles are happy campers...

Just as we preach to Miles, there can only be one winner, and tonight it was all Seahawks.  I'll be in mourning tomorrow....not just b/c the Broncos lost, but b/c there's no more football until next fall.  Oh, it's so sad.  I guess it's time to watch golf.  It's good, but no replacement.  Good night everyone!

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