Thursday, January 16, 2014

BOB Books

One of my favorite blogs is Clover Lane.  The writer is a stay at home mom with 6 kids.  She often has good reminders about how kids don't need to be involved in everything or have lots of 'stuff' to be happy.  A lot of the blogs I read are just for fun, but I've actually learned and taken things from her blog. 

I learned about BOB Books from her.  They are box sets of simple, little books that are designed to help kids learn to read.  The first book is called Mat.  It goes like this..


Mat sat. Sam.

Sam sat. Mat sat. Sam sat.

Mat sat on Sam. Sam sat on Mat. 

Mat sat. Sam sat. The End.

You get the point.  They are simple and the pictures coordinate with the words.  Miles and I read through the first book, Mat, last night and sounded out the words.  Then, he read it all by himself.  After that, he read the second book called Sam.  I was so proud of him...and he was so happy. We decided to start on the third book called Dot.  And here's where I discovered that he wasn't really reading the words, only looking at the pictures and guessing correctly.....that is until Dot.  It went like this....


"Dot has a magnifying glass."


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