Monday, December 30, 2013

Annual Trip to Patti's

Darrin & I went with a group of friends to Patti's for dinner last night.  This is our third year to go (2011 & 2012).  It kind of started as a neighbor thing...and even though we moved, they still let us go :)  The girls rode in my car, and the guys rode in Josh's car.  The guys settled for a parking spot far from the door.  We decided to try to get a little closer and ended up parking right next to the front door....for the second year in a row, I might add.  Then, we were seated at the exact same table as last year.  Groundhog Day, anyone?

After dinner, the guys humored us for two pictures.  Two!  Thankfully the stranger that took this one did a good job. 

The guys headed straight for the car b/c it was freezing.  We took a couple girls pics & we were done. It was a fun night with good friends.

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