Friday, November 15, 2013

The End of Volleyball Season

As the season comes to a close tomorrow, I have mixed emotions.

First, sadness as we say goodbye to our lone senior and her family.  Kelly was red-shirted, so we've had her, and her wonderful parents, for 5 years.  She knew us before we were parents.  Over the years, Darrin and I have somewhat limited ourselves from players' parents.  You get burned, and then you live & you learn.  Mary & Tom were exceptions.  They have been supportive for five years, long after the honeymoon ended.  I am positive that there were times they didn't agree with things, but they never wavered in their support.  We will miss the whole family very much.  Goodbye for now and best of luck to Kelly.

Thankfulness for Darrin's assistant coach, Julia.  Simply put, she's great and I hope she's with us for a long, long time.

Disappointment....after a promising opening weekend way back in August, the season has not lived up to the expectations.  As I've said before, we obsess about volleyball year round in our house, so when the season doesn't go well, it's disappointing.

Even though the season will close tomorrow with no post season for us, I have to say that there is a bright spot in all of this.  This year was the best group of players and parents that we've ever had.  We've had some excellent players and parents in the past, but as a whole, this was the best.  Darrin & I decided to let our guard down a little with the parents, b/c we enjoy that part of it and we were missing out.  I'm so glad we did, b/c it made this year bearable.  They have been supportive and encouraging, not to mention fun!  And the girls, have been so enjoyable this year.  The are nice and sweet and polite and clearly they came from nice homes.  I'm looking forward to good times ahead.

And finally, much gratitude.  Our athletic director, Phil Dane, is retiring next month.  Phil hired Darrin and we are forever indebted.  He took a chance and gave Darrin an opportunity that he probably wouldn't have had otherwise.  Neither of us will ever forget why Darrin has his dream job & I get to live this fun life.

Now that season is over, it's time to enjoy the holidays and some much needed family time before the dreaded recruiting season begins.

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