Sunday, September 15, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

This post actually covers more than our weekend but my days are running together.  I worked two half days last week and was home the rest of the time.  At the risk of sounding like a terrible mom, I just couldn't be a stay at home mom.  I don't think Miles could handle it either.  He misses his friends at school and I really think a lot of his whining is attributed to boredom.  I've tried to keep him busy but he still needs to take it easy.  We've done our share of puzzles, Legos, computer games, and books.

Nights are still rough.  It's a little like having a newborn in the house again.  He wakes up around midnight crying every night.  I think his throat must get dry.  He won't drink or take medicine so I basically have to let him cry it out.  Once he settles down, he will let me put chewable Tylenol or Motrin in his mouth and then he falls back asleep. 

Days are much better.  He's watches a lot of TV which kills my soul, but we just have to make it through these couple of weeks and then we can get back to normal life....which includes far less TV and junk food.  We went out for pizza the other night and ran into friends.  It was much needed for both of us.

Miles' Aunt Lynda gave him a dollar the other night at the volleyball game, so we went to the Dollar Tree so he could spend it.  When I let him shop with his money in Walmart, he's always disappointed b/c he might have $5 and he'll pick out something that costs $50.  He was thrilled to find out that he could pick out anything in the store. 

He shopped & shopped and ended up with these binoculars.  He immediately had buyer's remorse when we got in the car and said he wanted to "take them back in".  I explained that we could go back another time and he could get something else.  He was fine with that, especially when I threatened to give them to a little boy that doesn't have any toys.

It's been cooler that last two days so we've visited two different parks.  I only let him stay around 10-15 minutes, but it makes him very happy to be outside for a little while.

Darrin has been out of town since Thursday.  That has definitely added to our boredom.  He's on his way home now.  My mom is also coming today to stay with Miles this week so I can go back to work.  I'm sure Miles will welcome the change of scenery around here.

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