Thursday, September 12, 2013

Units of Measurement

Miles has a long way to go on understanding units of measurement.  He loves to try to explain how much he loves us using as many units and adjectives as he can.  Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn't come across exactly how he intends.  He just walked in the kitchen and said, "Mom, do you know how much I love you?"  I said, "No, how much?"  He said, and I quote, "30, 50, 100.  I love you that much b/c you are so big and you're a big momma."  Thanks???  The other day he told me I was the biggest momma ever.  I'm hoping biggest = best in his mind.

Another favorite of mine is when he told me he loved me, "2,000, million, 50, in God's life, in this whole world, with liberty and justice for all."  He frequently loves us "more than chicken nuggets" also.

On another note, he's still recovering from his surgery.  He does fine except during the night and first thing in the morning, when his throat is dry and he hasn't had any pain medicine in a while.  He really struggled last night around midnight.  He kept trying to take a drink and then he would spit it out b/c he was scared of it hurting his throat.  I finally let him get in bed with us to try to help him calm down.  When he calmed down, he took his medicine and went right to sleep. 

Other than his sore throat, life is good right now with popsicles for breakfast, endless amounts of TV & the iPad, sleeping with us, and me waiting on him hand and foot. 

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