Thursday, September 26, 2013

4 Year Check Up

Miles had his four year check up today.  Darrin & I have always made a practice of being honest with him and preparing in advance for things like doctors' appointments.  Today I decided not to.  He has become such a worrier that I was afraid he would think about it all day.

I picked him up from school around 3:30pm.  As always, he asked what we were doing tonight.  I told him that we had to go see Dr. Bates.  Immediately he started fretting and asking if he was going to get a shot.  Once again going against what we typically do, I lied and told him I didn't know.

He did pretty well during the appointment.  He did not want Stephanie to feel his stomach or look in his ears during his exam but we got through it relatively easy.  Not so much when it came to the shot.  I had to pick him up, put him on the table, and Donya & I both had to hold him down.  I don't think he even knew when it went in b/c he didn't flinch at all.  It was over very quickly and he calmed down within minutes.  On the way home he was perfectly if nothing had happened, which made me happy that he had not worried unnecessarily all day.

Miles snapped this one while I was talking to Stephanie without either of us knowing.  He knows how important pics are for the blog...

He weighs 37lbs (56th percentile) and is 41.5" tall (72nd percentile).  Other than the shot, it was an easy visit.

After the doctor, we went grocery shopping.  Darrin came and rescued Miles about 10 minutes in and took him to get ice cream as promised at the doctor.  I loaded up this and headed home...

We've been busy around here preparing for company.  I have a couple more things to do around here and then.....the highlight of my day will occur.  Ahhhhh.

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