Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Saturday was UTM graduation, so we had some celebrating to do.  Friday night we went out with Darrin's only senior, Kasey, and her parents.  As I've mentioned before, we have enjoyed our 4 years with them very much.  On Thursday night, Kasey was awarded UTM Female Athlete of the year.  We were both so happy for her.  Well deserved to say the least.

We should have gotten a better pic with Kasey's parents, Kathy & Charlie, but instead we just have one with them photo bombing.  Kathy & Charlie have been trying to get me to hang out with them for 4 years.  I told them my secret on Friday....your kid has to be on the way out before I'll fraternize with parents :)  Kidding, kind of, but not really.

Our first party on Saturday was for Lauren.  We are very good friends with Lauren's parents and have known Lauren since she was ten.  Congrats Lauren!  You are going to be a great nurse.  While we were at Lauren's party she actually provided her first nursing assistance to us.  Miles has been complaining about his back hurting for months.  I thought he had just heard me say that or something, but it's gone on for a while.  He woke up saying his back hurt on Saturday.  He was very specific about where and seemed to really be in some pain.  Lauren works with an orthopedic doctor now.  She said that they see a lot of 3-4 year olds with growing pains.  I feel SO much better after hearing that.  It makes total sense to me.  Thank you Lauren!

We left Lauren's party & went to celebrate with Kasey.

This is one of the posters from Kasey's party.  She is from Louisville.  Many city kids are skeptical of Martin, but Kasey has embraced it over the years.  This poster is too funny.

We got to spend time with former volleyball players & even one of their precious babies, Jaiden...

There are five different classes of volleyball players in this pic, and one soccer player.  We had fun hanging out with this great group of girls.

Today we went to church, where apparently it was school uniform day.  White shirts are really cute until one boy (mine) thinks it would be fun to color on the other kids' shirts with markers during SS....and then the rest join in. 

I told everyone at church that Miles and I were taking the longest nap ever when we got home.  I slept for two hours and he slept for four.  He slept until 5:45pm.  When he woke up, he thought it was morning and asked for breakfast.  Sunday is always a catch up day for him.  He's already sleepy again.  So, I'm taking advantage & putting him to bed so that I can do the same.  Good night!

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