Monday, January 28, 2013

Overhead In Our House Today

Miles finished his bowl of snacks while laying in his bed watching TV...
M:  "HEY....hey guys....GUYS....SOMEONE...(yelling from the back of the house)....I need someone to put something in this bowl."
He totally rules our house.  In case you are wondering, Darrin filled his bowl for him.

I was making random comments while watching the Bachelor...
D:  "You do know that you aren't dating him, right?"
J:  "It's drama.  I like it.  We don't have drama, which is good, but I like this drama."

As I was walking in the door from the gym...
D:  "How was your workout?"
J:  "Good, but I felt like I was sweating mesquite."
We had mesquite grilled chicken for dinner & that's all I could smell while I was running. My apologies to fellow gym members.

Sitting on the couch watching TV...
D:  "Tiger Woods won the tournament this weekend."
D:  "Just in case you were wondering."
J:  "I was dying to know."
D:  "Smarty pants."

We refer to private parts around here as your "business"...
D: (talking to me about a vendor at work) "He wants our business."
M: "He wants your business?" (confused)
This lead to a conversation about how sometimes words can mean different things....and then a later conversation about the new term "private parts".

Just now...
J:  "Are you asleep?"
Guess it's time for bed. 

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