Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday Fun

My mom came to visit on Thursday night.  She did several projects around the house for us...thanks Mom!  This morning we enjoyed some downtime while playing with Miles. 

Darrin's parents came to visit and brought Miles a fun treat.  I meant to take a picture and forgot :(  I must get more pictures of Granny, Pa, and Marmee on this blog!  Thank you Granny & Pa for Miles' surprise. 

I went grocery shopping before my mom had to go home today.  I'm used to having a huge pantry and a slightly bigger frig & freezer.  This is the biggest adjustment in the rental.  I only grocery shop every two weeks, so I bought a ton of groceries and now I don't know where to put them.  Miles & I cleared a little cabinet space by making cupcakes.  We were only doing what we had to do, right?

Here's my little chip & dale baker.  I'm sure Darrin will not approve.  When Miles and I are left home to fend for ourselves, these things happen...


I kept asking him not to make this weird smile, but he kept right on...

I guess he felt like his Fix It Felix tool belt was more appropriate...

I've been up since 5:30am....yuck!  Miles hasn't had a nap, so I really counting on him falling asleep early, without a fight.  Wishful thinking?  I really hope not.  The TV and couch are calling my name. 

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