Sunday, July 9, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

We spent all weekend at home with the exception of grocery shopping, a birthday party, and church. It was fabulous. Our major weekend project was landscaping. We have wanted to tackle it for a while, but put it off due to time and money. We kind of got a wild hair and next thing you know we were at Lowe's buying shrubs. That's how we roll. It's late and I'm starting a new work out class at 5am (wish me luck....what am I thinking??), so I'll just leave you with the pics.



After...The first part of the house is the original house and the second part that comes off of the back is the addition. This part of the yard has always looked terrible and unfortunately, it's where all of our guests pull in. Darrin tilled up the whole yard and put down grass seed about a month ago. It's looking so much better. It's going to look even better as it continues to fill in.

We finally bought two hose racks too. One for this side of the house and one for the front. It looks so much better than the hoses laying on the ground.

I am so happy that I get to look at this as I pull into the garage as opposed to the patchy yard and no landscaping. We planted five hydrangeas. I have zero experience with them, but hopefully we can make them a pretty sight every summer.

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