Monday, July 10, 2017


It's Carson's birthday week! Carson, at one, you like playing in the bath tub, but not for long. You usually play for a few minutes and then stand up as if you are ready to get out. If you aren't ready when I reach for you, you will quickly sit back down and continue playing.

You are kind of a momma's boy, although you love to be with Daddy too. You are fine with anyone unless I walk by and then suddenly remember that you are a momma's boy.

You love to play with toys, but you love books the most. Your favorite books are Dear Zoo, How Big, and Peek A Who.

You are a great sleeper. We lay you down awake in your crib for a nap or bedtime and you almost always go right to sleep. Sometimes you play for a while, but you rarely cry. If you do, it's not for long. You nap for 1.5-3 hours once or twice a day. At night, you go to bed between 7-8pm and typically sleep until 6am, give or take a little. If you cry out in the night, you always get yourself back to sleep. We gave you a pillow this week and you love it.

You do not like the changing table at all. You are quite a challenge to dress and to change your diaper unless your diaper is poopy. In that case, you are cooperative b/c you do not like a poopy diaper for even one minute. If you are playing one minute and crying the next, we instantly know that your diaper is dirty.

You are becoming more coordinated walking around stuff and going from your feet to your bottom, but you are still a little ways from walking. I can tell you are going to love the freedom of walking. 

You are an excellent eater. The only food you haven't liked is avocados. You will eat everything else, chicken, hamburger, green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, corn, and all fruit. Yesterday you ate an entire Jr Cheeseburger from Sonic. You haven't mastered a sippy cup yet. We still give you a jar of baby food before bed, but this week you are switching from formula to milk and baby food to all table food. 

You are such a happy and patient baby. Sometimes we lose track of the feeding and sleeping schedule b/c you don't remind us that it's time for either. We call you baby round face (b/c your face is round like daddy's), baby child, or a battering ram (b/c you lower your head and charge full steam ahead). Our word for you is sweet. You have the sweetest face and the sweetest disposition. You have brought the sweetest love and joy to our home. You are an absolute gift from the Lord and we all love every day with you.

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