Monday, May 1, 2017

Jokes & Jean Day

The boys and I started our morning at McDonald's for no particular reason. Darrin cooks breakfast almost every morning. He decided not to this morning, so we made a stop on our way to school and daycare. It's rare that I take both kids, but today was one of those mornings.

I got this from Carson's teacher today. She said he made it all the way across the room and then realized he couldn't get out. Poor baby. He was probably going to escape and try to find me. Quite the momma's boy these days.

We went to a bonfire for Darrin's team. 

A family that we have gotten to know over the last several years had everyone out to their farm for an end of the year party. It was a chilly night for the first day in May.

Carson was sporting his Union Volleyball hoodie.

 Miles played a frisbee game most of the night.

Miles' class has been counting down the last 26 days of school with a different themed day in order of the alphabet. Today was Jeans & Jokes day. Obviously, they had to wear jeans and bring a joke to tell. Miles' joke was "What kind of dog does a vampire have?" A bloodhound. He often makes up jokes that really leave you scratching your head, so I was glad to hear the one he chose :)

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