Sunday, April 23, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

Just a few things to say about the weekend and then a lot of pictures. I stayed home with Carson on Friday. He did fine with the new medicine and seems to feel better. He still has a terrible cough, but he's sleeping better and isn't grumpy anymore. It rained ALL weekend long, so baseball was cancelled. Miles was able to attend one of his best friend's birthday parties and we caught up on a few things around the house. I took several pictures over the weekend, so let's get to that.

He prefers his toys stacked on him.

He smiles like this even with a double ear infection.

He seems to enjoy breathing treatments this go around.

Playing on his knees like a big boy. 

He pulled up like a big boy in the bathtub. I love his big belly hanging down :)

After his bath, I always sit him like this while I dump the water out of his tub. I just wanted to remember this one day. He is the cutest little thing.

Better than me at selfies.

Attending Gaige's party was definitely a perk of the baseball tournament being cancelled. Several boys got to come that wouldn't have otherwise. It was a swim party at an indoor pool. They had a blast.

Miles and his friend, Mason. Miles refers to him as his "best friend Mason" every time.

The kids sang in church this morning. Miles was so uncomfortable the whole time. He did it, but he doesn't like the spotlight at all.

While in Target, Miles accused me of buying the socks that were in his stocking at Christmas. Apparently they sell them at Target. He's always been amazed b/c they have an "M" on the bottom. He was impressed when he saw the same socks but they had an "S". Then, he saw others with S, M, L, XL...

He and I ran a few errands after the birthday party. We ran up a bill in Dick's buying random baseball stuff. On the way to the car, I asked if he was excited about all his new stuff. He said, "Yes, especially the Big League Chew". I'll remember that next time.

We went shoe shopping. He wanted some exactly like Darrin's. We found them, but they didn't laces, only Velcro. That wouldn't do, so we will have to order some online.

He spent his money at Target to buy two "light savers". 

There was also some early morning game playing on Saturday while Darrin cooked breakfast and we waited for the official text saying that baseball was rained out.

This boy loves books. Marmee bought him the cutest book called Dear Zoo. We read it over and over.

In other news, we booked our family vacation this weekend. We leave in six weeks. The original plan was to leave Carson home with the grandparents and take Miles. After all, we took Miles when he was the same age and it wasn't fun. This sums up how Miles felt about the beach.

When we told Miles that we were going to leave Carson home, he immediately started crying. I tried to explain that Carson would have more fun at home, but Miles was not buying that. I do not think he would have been able to have fun b/c he would have been worried about Carson and missing him. So....we are all going. I think Miles is right though. We are excited to have our first vacation as our family of four. We booked a first floor condo that steps out to the pool so, it will be easy to go in and out for diaper changes and feedings. And, we are only staying four nights, so it won't be completely exhausting for anyone. Carson goes with the flow more than Miles did at that age and he doesn't sleep as long as Miles did either. I think that will help a little. Since the beach is six weeks away, some sort of diet and exercise plan begins tomorrow. I'm putting it on here to hold myself accountable. If you know me, please text me and ask me how I'm doing.....and tell me to step away from the cookies and chocolate :) Off to bed now to get ready for a productive week ahead.

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