Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sick Baby

Last night, Carson started looking a little puny just before bed. His cheeks were red and he didn't seem to be his normal, happy self. Sometime during the night...I have no idea what time b/c the nights run together with a baby...he started crying and I had to put him in bed with us. That's unusual and it happened the night before that too. I decided then that he was going back to the doctor today.

Darrin took him this morning. He hasn't run a fever, but he's been grumpy, needy, and pulling at his right ear even though the left ear was the one that was infected last week.

His visit revealed a double ear infection and a wheezy chest. They gave him a steroid shot, an antibiotic, and breathing treatments. The antibiotic is supposed to be really strong. We start it tomorrow. The pharmacist scared me a little with the warnings. She said to watch him for an allergic reaction, don't put him straight to bed, and also give it to him after a big meal since it can be hard on stomachs. Sounds like a fun medicine. He did great with his first breathing treatment tonight...much better than the last time we did them.

I think I'm going to stay home tomorrow and try to get him better. He's pretty needy right now and seems to be uncomfortable. I plan to start his antibiotic after his lunch and then hold him most of the afternoon. Hopefully a day at home and some TLC will do the trick.

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