Sunday, March 19, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

Blogging on Sunday night after a busy weekend is always tough. But, I love to look back and see what we were up to, so here goes. We had a visit from Marmee this weekend.

She brought just a few new toys for Carson.

Miles and Carson also got to have some cousin time with Darrin's brother's family. Darrin's brother, Aaron, his wife, Jessica, and their two kids, Jayci and Rowan, just moved back from Florida. We are loving having them closer. Jayci and Miles are 8 months apart and Carson and Rowan are a year apart. Doesn't Carson look proud to be sitting next to his cousin?

He had some pretty important things to tell Rowan. Probably about all the food he's been eating lately. He's up to 6 jars a day. He really needs to get some teeth so he'll have more food options.

Uncle Aaron took the kids exploring in the woods behind Darrin's parent's house.

Jayci came home to spend Saturday night with us. We've been having some bedtime issues with Miles b/c he's scared. After trying several things, we've resorted to laying down with him every night. It's a terrible habit, but we saw no way around it. He was literally frozen with fear at night at the thought of going in his room. Now that he's used to us being around at night, no one else will do. He got really embarrassed last night b/c he had to come get me to lay down with him on their pallet in the living room. He was crying b/c he was so frustrated with himself, but he just couldn't bring himself to brave enough. It's really a problem that I'm not sure how we are going to resolve. Nonetheless, Jayci was so sweet to him. I tried to play it off that I just wanted to join in on the fun, but she called him out and said, "Miles is scared" and then named things that she was scared of to make him feel better. She told him that if we weren't scared of anything that we would never be brave. Very sweet words from a wise and loving little girl. He felt better instantly and they both fell asleep very fast.

This morning, we went to church.

They came home and built the biggest blanket fort ever. Blanket forts are anxiety inducing for me. Such a mess, but they cleaned up most of it themselves.

The not so fun parts of the weekend included a funeral, laundry, yard work, and lots of cooking to prepare for the week. This is a four day work week for me b/c I'm going with Miles on his field trip on Friday. Hopefully the week will go by as quickly as the weekend did!

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