Monday, February 20, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

It's the end to my long weekend...and it's been a long one b/c Darrin has been out of town since Friday. He got home around 7:30pm and I now leave to go out of town tomorrow. My work trip may or may not feel like a vacation after a busy weekend. We had two baseball practices.

On Friday, a friend from work sent me a baby gift that she bought for Miles 7 years ago! She was cleaning out a closet and found it. It is a book called My Very Own Name. It is the most adorable book! It spells out his entire name, page by page, and a different animal brings every letter. Adorable!

It took him a while to catch on, but he finally figured out what they were spelling and he loved it.

Carson has been a little off and on all weekend. He seems to feel ok here, but he was just relaxed. When I would walk in the room he would pop his head up as if to say "I'm not tired!"

When he wakes up in the morning on the weekends, I put him in our bed. He patiently lays there until I decide to get up. Miles was not so patient when it was breakfast time.

On Saturday, I had some pictures taken of the boys. Carson was looking sharp.

He smiled so big for around 45 minutes and endured several outfit changes. Then, he was over it. Thankfully we were finished at that point. I can't wait to see them. Miles' pics at this age were some of my favorites.

He was super fussy when we got home. I tried everything to console him.

I finally put him in the bathtub, b/c that cures everything.

It helped while he was in there, but then went right back to crying afterwards. I think he was just tired from the day. I finally just fed him and put him to bed at 7:30pm. He slept until 6am!

 We went to church and had small group. We also read books...

Miles rode his bike...

And we met some friends at the park...

Carson was so relaxed in the swing. I put Miles' sweatshirt in front of him and he just rested his body and face on it like a pillow. 

Now, it's 10pm and I'm about to start watching a 2 hour episode of the Bachelor b/c that's what I do every Monday night. I torture myself by staying up way too late to watch the entire episode. I'll pay tomorrow, but at least I'm guaranteed a full night sleep in a hotel alone tomorrow night!

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