Sunday, February 12, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

This little guy got a new jumpy and he's pretty happy about it. He is 7 months old today. I totally forgot to do his picture, but there's always tomorrow :)

It is so much fun now that he can sit up and play. He still falls over a lot, but he's getting more steady. He never whines a bit when you hear him fall over. Fingers crossed that he's a tough little cookie!

A selfie on the way to school on Friday...

It's been five years and now this bestie is a cancer SURVIVOR! We did a little celebrating on Friday night. I'm super happy for her and this milestone which means so much to her.

Carson got to meet his Uncle Aaron for the first time.

Darrin's brother and his family moved back to KY from FL. They live close to Darrin's parents now, so we will get to see them much more often. We are thrilled about it. Carson was excited to meet Aunt Jessica too.

These cousins love to be together.

Rowan was there too, but he did his own thing while the kids played.

They each rode down the hill on a big wheel several times. Miles probably wouldn't have done it without watching the girls do it first. Thank goodness for some brave little girls showing him how it's done.

The kids played hide and go seek too. Miles had a great spot, but he purposely made noise so they would find him. I think he was proud of himself for being so clever. Too bad he ruined it!

The weekend went by way too fast. I have a very busy two weeks ahead at work starting early in the morning, so I'm off to bed.

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