Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

Miles & Carson both woke up to some Valentine treats. Miles gets as excited for Carson about his gifts as he does his own. Miles got a How to Draw book, a math workbook (b/c he likes them), some really soft boxes that I knew he would appreciate (and he did), and this magnetic Hangman game. We played the game tonight and it was really cute. Perfect for kids that are learning to spell. I found it at Target for $6.

Carson's teacher sent this pic to us today. We love this kid so much!

Every day in February, the boys woke up to a heart in their room that had a reason we love them. These are Miles...

I was going to skip out on Carson this year, but Miles wouldn't have it.

It felt only fitting to end with these two.

Someone asked me at work today what Darrin and I were doing for Valentine's Day. We didn't make any plans and ended up playing a game of Clue and a couple rounds of Hangman with Miles. Neither of us care about gifts or occasions. Date nights would be nice a little more often, but they just aren't a huge priority right now. We both love being at home so it works. My birthday and Mother's day are the most important to me. Outside of that, it really doesn't matter. One day we will have more time and money. Until then, we will be perfectly fine chilling at home. Happy Valentine's Day!

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