Monday, February 6, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

Here's our weekend in no particular order with very minimal commentary. Friday night we were exhausted from a long week of work, school, and daycare.

Miles had his first travel baseball practice.

7 years old is earlier than I wanted to start any travel sport, but this team & the coaches seem like the right amount of hard work, fun, and character building.

Carson longingly stared at an empty bottle after it was over. He eats and drinks everything at every meal and only stops when it's all gone.

This sweet boy slept in my bed while Darrin was out of town for the weekend.

Sad because dad was gone. He was supposed to be gone from Friday to Monday, but surprised us by ringing the doorbell on Sunday afternoon just as we were about to leave for a Super Bowl party. He said he couldn't stand the thought of watching it without us. Football is a big deal in our home.

We did a little grocery shopping on Saturday. It was chilly, but this little sweetie was perfect.

It's so nice now that Miles is old enough to help with chores. I have to remind myself to delegate b/c he really does lighten the load.

We went to Walmart on Saturday for Miles to spend some of his money. He bought a bow & arrow which provided hours of entertainment over the weekend. I bought Clue for us to play. I wish he would spend his money on things like board games, puzzles, and books, but it's never going to happen. So I forked over $10 b/c I really wanted to play Clue. Miles has a little ways (and by little ways I mean a really long way) to go regarding games with strategy, but we still had fun.

Our church had our second annual 'Super Bowl of Goodness' which means that you bring a 'bowl' or plate or dish of something yummy to eat. There is an award for the best tasting and the best presentation. I made hamburger cupcakes. They are cupcakes with a brownie and icing in the middle. Cute, right? I had the lead for presentation going into the 11 o'clock service, but lost out. So fun though. I love our church.

We bummed around the house a lot. That's what we do when Darrin is out of town. Thank goodness Miles and I are homebodies. 

We went to the early service on Sunday. I decided to plan on the first service and hope for the best. That way if we didn't make it in time we still had the second service to fall back on. It was actually a smooth Sunday morning which never happens.

Carson and I snuggled a lot and watched more episodes of House Hunters than I care to admit. I miss this little one during the week so I have to soak up time with him on the weekends. I think he feels the same.

It was actually a good weekend even though Darrin was gone. We missed him but the boys were cooperative and we had the right amount of fun and rest.

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