Thursday, February 2, 2017

Cousin Time & a Before & After

Granny & Pa brought Olivia and Ava down last Saturday for some cousin time. These kids love playing together. They play perfectly and they just 'get' each other.

Ava's shirt said "Cousins make the best friends". So true. These kids are all so different but as cousins, they are the best of friends.

All three of them wanted to play electronics, but I said no. They can do that any time, but they just don't get to hang out very often. Instead, they rode bikes, went on an outdoor scavenger hunt all over our yard, did some Art for Kids, and played board games. You can't tell me that they won't remember those things more than electronics.

Darrin's brother and his family are moving back home from Florida this weekend! We are so excited. They are going to live close to Darrin's parent's house, which is in the middle of us and Darrin's sister's family. Pretty soon there will be two more cousins in these pictures! Three boys and three girls.

Carson enjoyed some time with Granny & Pa. 

And now for a little before and after. I've been meaning to post this one for a while. I actually had to go back and look to make sure that I haven't posted about this b/c I've thought about posting it a million times. The boys' bathroom was a small, dark room when we moved in. The dark paint color, the small mirror, and the large towel racks all made the room feel very small. I actually forgot to take a before picture, but I found this from the Zillow listing online.

I painted the room, installed a new toilet, and bought a larger mirror shortly after we moved, but everything else had to wait. We had too many other priorities. It's almost been a year now, but last spring, we got a new tub, shower tile, and flooring. We went with a white subway tile. I knew it would be more timeless than some other looks and I'm just not good at picking all that stuff out.

I had a navy and white shower curtain that I really liked, but I liked this new picture more. It says "He's got the whole world in His hands". I had to find a shower curtain that matched it. I'm glad I changed it. I think the shower tile, the curtain, the new lighter flooring, and the wall color really lighten the room up. It feels so clean and bright now.

This is one of my favorite things. I'm not a great decorator, but Pinterest is my friend. I found the letters at Hobby Lobby. It's hard to tell in the picture, but they are bronze, which matches the fixtures.

We also changed the light fixture. There aren't a lot of bronze options, but it works well in the room. The vanity was the only thing that survived. I didn't love it when we looked at the house, but I think it looks nice with the new decor. The toilet paper was previously on a stand alone holder that took up space in the room. Moving it to the side of the vanity was a space saver. The new, big mirror also makes the room feel larger. It was kind of expensive to get it custom fit, but I wanted it as large as it could be since the boys will be sharing this bathroom (and mirror) as they grow up. I also like the beveled edge.

That was quite a lot of detail about such a small bathroom, but I'm just so pleased with how it turned out. We still have one more bathroom to redo one day, the guest bathroom. Darrin and I are going to try to tackle it all by ourselves. It will be a while though.

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