Sunday, December 18, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

Our weekend started on Thursday night with a visit from my mom. She was excited to hold this cutie again.

Carson slept all night on his back. This is a major accomplishment. He really has become a pretty good sleeper but he's still finicky about his positioning. I'm hopeful he becomes a great sleeper when he can roll around and position himself.

Friday, I went to Miles' Christmas party at school. I didn't tell him I was coming until the night before just in case something came up. He started jumping up and down and hugging me. Sometimes it's easy to forget how much kids love and adore their parents. They had pizza, Doritos, and Little Debbie Christmas tree cakes. Sounds like perfect party planning to me.

He was excited to show me everything in his desk. His teacher must be Type A b/c everything was perfectly labeled and sorted. I think I've said it a few times on here, but I really, really like her. She's easy to talk to, communicates well, keeps Miles in line, and is teaching him so much.


These three were in the same class last year too. They are big buddies. They started out at the same table, but I think Miles got them all moved b/c of his talking. The other two are perfectly behaved so I know it wasn't them :)

This is his new table. Seems like a good crowd for Miles. They were all very mild mannered. 

He sits right next to this little girl, Miriam. The other day Miles asked Darrin for some of his mouthwash before school. Then it came out that Miriam told him his breath smelled good one day. I don't think he has a crush on her, but it did seem to be positive reinforcement. Thank you, Miriam!

Carson is learning how much fun visits from Marmee are. I'm sure Miles has filled him in.

Saturday, we spent a lot of time at home. I only left the house to go to the grocery store. I wanted to take the boys to see Santa. Miles hasn't sat on Santa's lap since he was 4 months old. He agreed to with Carson. I couldn't find anywhere besides the mall and I really didn't feel like driving an hour round trip and waiting in line for who knows how long. We've survived without Santa pictures this long and Miles really doesn't care. Maybe one day Carson will indulge me. Carson spent time in the Exersaucer...

In his Bumbo...


And randomly on the counter. Don't worry, he was well protected.

After church this morning, Miles decided that he wanted to make cards for all the neighbors. I suggested putting them in their mailboxes, but he wanted to ring each doorbell and hand them out in person. I have no idea was sparked this. He mentioned that a girl in his class did something like this, so maybe he was inspired by that. We counted the houses on our street and he got to work on 12 cards.

I don't know what got into my shy little boy, but he was so confident and happy to walk up to each door by himself. I stayed in the car. Every house in our neighborhood has several acres of land, so walking from house to house would have been very hard especially since it was 22 degrees outside. He struck out a lot and ended up leaving them on their doorstep, but he did get to talk to 4 people. They were so sweet to him.

This was his card. I tried to get him to sign his name so they would understand that this was his idea but he insisted that it was from all of us. He didn't want to spend much time on the cards. He was most interested in seeing the people and giving them a card.

We don't know our neighbors well at all...some not at all. I saw one lady pointing to houses with him trying to figure out where we lived. I'm glad they got to meet my sweet boy today. He wants to do more for them in the future. I think he gained some confidence today, which was totally worth my time.

Darrin and I did some meal prep this afternoon. We have meal prepped in many different ways. Today, we cooked the vegetables for the week so all we have to do at night is make the meat. We've tried the opposite, but reheated chicken is not my favorite, so we'll see how this works.

We are breaking all the rules this Christmas season. Miles opened his second present. It was the game Eye Found It. I let him open it so we could play it today. We played it twice and had fun. There are always so many gifts on Christmas that some get lost in the chaos. Since I probably won't feel great from surgery, this way we already got some use out of it.

Darrin and Miles worked a puzzle tonight, while I held Carson and watched TV. I love dimming the lights when the tree is up and watching TV while looking at the tree. It feels so cozy and peaceful, especially when it's so cold outside.

Now it's time for bed. I have a busy three days of work getting ready to be out for 2 weeks. Our HR department sent out and email last week saying we could wear jeans the last two weeks of the year. That is a big deal in the financial industry where dress clothes rule. I always feel more productive in jeans, so here's hoping I am able to get everything done by surgery time on Thursday. Good night, all!

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