Saturday, December 31, 2016

Our New Year's Eve Party

We are spending a wild and crazy New Year's Eve at home. We started a new tradition. Everyone got to pick a salty and sweet food to have for dinner/snacks. I thought we would have some really good appetizers and desserts. Instead, Miles wanted a personal size frozen pizza and marshmallows. Darrin wanted canned cheese dip and brownies. I chose a single serving of chocolate pie and McDonald's sweet tea. No salty for me b/c I was still full from lunch. When we were trying to offer suggestions for Miles, I realized that he doesn't eat as much junk as I worry he does. He didn't know what Pizza Rolls or Bagel Bites were.

It seems the only thing that was wild and crazy about our night was my hair.

Carson passed out around 8pm, barely woke up for his 10pm bottle, and went right back to sleep. During all his napping, Darrin and I were able to finish a puzzle that we've been working and Miles laughed hysterically at America's Funniest Videos. They never get old for him even though he's seen every episode more than once. We also introduced him to Full House today. I wasn't home when he watched the first episode, but Darrin said he was laughing out loud during the entire thing.

Miles went to sleep around 10pm in a fort on his bedroom floor. We let him stay up late and he finally said, "It is bedtime yet??" As tired as he was, he still had to work his word search for a little while. He's such a creature of habit. I said I was the "best mom ever" b/c I let him sleep in his fort.

2016 was an unbelievably happy year for our little family. Welcoming Carson brought happiness that we never knew we were missing.

Looking forward to another great year in 2017. Happy New Year!

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