Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas Lunch & a Gift Idea

We had Christmas lunch at school with Miles today. Since space and parking are both issues at his school, they invite half of the parents to Thanksgiving and the other half to Christmas. He was beyond excited to have us there.

We ate turkey, dressing, green beans, fruit cocktail, and a roll for lunch. They had the same menu for Thanksgiving for days in a row while all the parents came. Even though they offered a second option, I think Miles ate it for a week straight b/c he said it was so good.

We sat across from his latest girl crush, Annalise. After he "broke up" with Adalyn, I told him he was too young to have a girlfriend. So now he just tells me about every single time he sat by Annalise, talked to her, or was partners with her that day. I hear about her every day.

I had one of those gift ideas that came together nicely so I thought I would share. Carson has three teachers, a main teacher and two assistants. They are all so nice. My budget for all three teachers was $55. I just wasn't sure what to do with that b/c $55 worth of gift cards doesn't go that far for three people, especially when they are worth far more. I decided to do a bag of some of our favorite things. 

Dr. Teal's Epson Salt- I prefer the eucalyptus, but they didn't have the small bag, so the lavender had to do. I like it too.
Candy Cane chapstick- A friend recommended this recently and I have to agree. You can only get it at Christmas time so stock up if you like it.
Febreeze Gain candle- I am obsessed with all things Gain...laundry detergent, dryer sheets, fabric softeners, car air fresheners, wax melts....and now candles.
Method hand soap- I just recently tried this for the first time. I've only tried the Sweet Water scent. I like it so much I haven't wanted to try anything else.
$5 Starbucks Gift card- This represents Darrin. It was the perfect little thing to round out the gift bag.

Everything added up to $16 a person, only $3 over budget. Obviously I like the gift b/c it's all my favorite things, but I sure hope they enjoy it too. If you try this, send me a picture. I would love to see your favorite things!

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