Thursday, December 22, 2016

Change of Plans & Opening Presents Early

I had a change of heart over the weekend and officially decided on Tuesday to postpone my surgery. I pondered and prayed for a few days and then, after talking to my doctor's nurse, decided that this didn't have to be done right now. It felt a little rushed for the wrong reasons, two of which being my deductible being met and Darrin's schedule. The issues that I was having aren't as bad right now, so hopefully they will stay that way. I am so relieved to be able to enjoy Christmas and not deal with another recovery. I just started feeling like myself again and the thought of going back down that road seemed dreadful.

And now for my very important thoughts on opening presents early...I mentioned that I let Miles open a board game over the weekend so we could go ahead and start playing it. Last night, Darrin and I opened our one and only gifts to each other. We each got a shirt that we wanted to wear to our family get together on Christmas Eve, so of course we had to open them early. I let Miles open the Who Would Win book set since we were opening a gift (I didn't pay half that, btw). I purposely picked this gift, b/c it likely would have gotten lost in all the 'fun' stuff on Christmas day. So my thought is....why not go ahead and open presents gradually and begin using them while he's home over Christmas break instead of saving everything for one specific day?? I think it's genius. He doesn't know why I'm letting him open some gifts, but he's loving it.

Darrin sent me this picture while I was at work today. He said they were going outside to work in the shop. I think he's a little excited to have two boys to do guy stuff with.

He sent another text minutes later and said immediately after the above picture was taken Carson became inconsolable and eventually fell asleep. They never made it to the shop, which is just life with a baby.

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