Thursday, November 3, 2016

Fall Fun & Halloween

We made an obligatory trip to a pumpkin patch a couple weeks ago. It seems as though you aren't parenting correctly in West Tennessee if you don't make at least one trip and post your pictures on FB to prove you were there. We went somewhere new this year. It sucked the money straight out of me, but Miles had fun and they had a lot more to do. Stephanie went with us. I invited her for the company, but she ended up taking care of Carson the whole time. I was so glad to have her there, so I could do things with Miles. Carson isn't much on the stroller. I should have known that he wouldn't just ride around peacefully.

There was a little scavenger hunt to collect several farm items.

You walked through several little buildings. They had farm facts along the way.

Miles really liked it, so we went through twice.

At the end, you sorted your items at the Farmer's Market. It was clever.

I think Miles favorite thing was the pumpkin cannon. For $1, he could blast a little pumpkin and try to hit the big, wooden pumpkin in the distance.

We also mined for fossils. I loved these when I was little. Miles liked it too.

Meanwhile, Carson flirted with Stephanie.

This picture was too funny to not post. Sunny much?

We sat in front of the photo booth and it turned out much better.

A pumpkin patch visit would not be complete if you didn't get corn in every crevice :)

This cracked us up for a while.

I had to all but push Miles down this slide. He is so scared to do anything. We rode together. When I got to the top, I was a little nervous that he wouldn't like it. It's such a fine line between encouraging him to do things I know he will like and pushing him too far.

This picture isn't great b/c I zoomed in so much, but you can see how much he loved it. He went down several more times by himself.

I tried to take a cute pic, but Carson wasn't having it. Miles did his best to comfort him, but we decided to give up. That was the end of our pumpkin patch trip. It was fun and we can check that off of our fall list.

Miles' teacher coordinated Halloween snacks for the class for an entire week. She told us exactly what to bring with pictures. I like her. She's my kind of organized. I made witches brooms with pretzels and a Halloween pencil. Miles was proud to pass them out.

When Halloween weekend finally rolled around, the stomach virus moved into our house. Carson started with some tummy issues on Friday. Miles started throwing up on Saturday night, which cancelled our plans to go to a friend's hayride and bonfire.

Carson was going to be a cute scarecrow, but we went for the back up tiger outfit since it was only for a photo op. #secondkid

Miles wore his ninja costume around the house over the weekend.

I felt really bad for Miles b/c he had to miss Halloween at school. The kids were allowed to wear their costumes and they celebrated "Do Right Day" which is a party for good behavior. He handled it pretty well. I tried to do some fun things with him during the day. We did some Art for Kids Halloween pictures. I could do that all day. It's my kind of activity.

Miles racked up with a bunch of candy and gifts from the volleyball girls. The card said, "There's nothing scarier than being sick on Halloween." They sure are a thoughtful group of girls.

And then, at the last minute, I decided to take the boys trick or treating. Miles seemed to feel fine all day and hadn't run a fever since the day before. I text Darrin to tell him we were going and he decided to join us. I threw together Carson's scarecrow costume. Cutest scarecrow I've ever seen.

Our neighborhood isn't good for trick or treating b/c the houses are so far a part. So, we parked our car at Stephanie's house and walked around her neighborhood.

Carson tolerated the stroller really well and Miles scored a bunch of candy.

It's been a fun fall. Now, bring on winter!

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