Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day

We've been excited about Election Day around here. While I understand that our choices aren't exactly what many of us hoped for, there is just something exciting about such a monumental day for our nation. I purposely didn't early vote, b/c I actually enjoy the crowds & excitement that surround the day. It feels festive to me. I'm also the person that doesn't mind the lines on Black Friday for the same reason.

As Darrin and I talked last night about a good time to vote, I started thinking that my decision not to early vote probably wasn't the smartest idea with a 7 year old and an infant to worry about while Darrin is in practice. We decided to go to the poll together around 10am while the boys were at school and daycare. We thought that would be a good time and maybe we wouldn't have to wait too long. This is the first time we have voted in this area since moving here. It was quite the small town experience.

Since we live outside the city limits our voting precinct was in a very rural area. To set the stage, we live in a very small town of around 3,500 people. However, the town is growing rapidly and feels larger than that. Our precinct was in the next town over...population 396 people. We voted in the old high school which is no longer used. The parking lot was gravel and mud from the rain. There was no one campaigning as we walked in. We walked in to discover that we were the only voters there :) There were 5 ladies volunteering and that was all. So much for my festive atmosphere! I wanted to take a picture to blog about later, but I wouldn't want anyone to think I was making fun of the town. I'm certainly not. I'm quite proud to live in rural west Tennessee. It was just ironic and fitting and a little funny.

Miles has been learning a lot about the election at school. They had a mock election complete with a voting booth. The entire 1st and 2nd grade voted. The winners were announced over the intercom late in the day. Trump carried both grades :)

Miles' behavior at school has been good lately and very consistent. He never has to move his clip or miss recess. Today, his teacher sent a note home that said "We have had some issues following directions today. I don't know what the problem has been today." When I asked Miles about it, he said, "I'm just excited about our new president."

I printed some election maps from Pinterest that he could color as the states were decided. I've been given the task now that he's gone to bed. He has said for years that he wants to be a contractor when he grows up, but maybe we have a future politician in the making!

Carson has slept through the election results so far. He did have an exciting day at daycare. His teacher sent the following picture and said "Took a little propping up with a blanket and we did not stay in it long but Carson enjoyed his turn in the exorsaucer." How cute is that??

It's back to election results now for me. I had planned to stay up late and watch but I'm getting very sleepy. Maybe some caffeine will do the trick. Good night, all!

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